Decorating Your Aquarium

Aquarium decoration make aquariums a drawing room; also decorating and designing an aquarium is like designing a fantasy landscape. Marbles create a light catching, eye catching delightful atmosphere while adding color and elegance. Special ornaments shaped like animals, sea creatures, and caves add a realistic model of places around the world. Adding synthetic plants makes your fish tank more accepted by your fish while providing them with a place to hide and sleep. Aquarium plants add beauty and realism to your fish tank.

Ethical Spot Fiber Optic Light Tunnel futuristic aquarium ornament creates amazing lighting effects in your aquarium without an additional power source! Totally safe, lights attract fish while ornament offers security and stimulation. Provides a beautiful underwater fantasy landscape in your aquarium. Mounts under your aquarium’s existing light hood.

Decorating your aquarium provides both benefits for you & for the fish. First of all, a fully decorated aquarium looks GREAT in any room in your household. Secondly, many fish are territorial, & rock formations along with plants & a variety of other decorations will provide needed territorial landmarks & boundaries. Also, smaller fish may need a place to hide when escaping larger species, a place of refuge in small nooks provided by rock formations. Decorations also provide shade for species of fish which may require darker areas.

A “stock” tank usually consists of low to very low light. Anything from. 5 wpg to 1. 5 wpg. (To figure out your Watts Per Gallon, take the total wattage of all the bulbs over your tank and divide by the gallons in the tank) In these conditions you will be limited in the plants that you can keep. No fancy colors, no rapid growth and nothing too unusual. Plants that usually not only tolerate, but can grow to some degree in these conditions include:

  • Java moss
  • Java fern
  • Lace Java fern
  • Narrow leaf Java fern
  • Most of the Cryptocoryne sp.
  • Most of the Anubias sp.
  • Guppy grass
  • Hornwort

Not all decorations are suitable for freshwater aquariums. Coral, seashells, limestone & marble will dissolve in freshwater & may increase the pH to unacceptable levels. Galvanized metals, copper objects, or steel can cause heavy metal poisoning, especially in areas where the pH is on the acid side of neutral, & the water is soft. If you wish to use any rocks, driftwood or gravel taken from natural streams or ponds, they should be soaked in a diluted solution of chlorine bleach & water, then rinsed with fresh water, soaked in fresh water, & rinsed again. This will avoid the introduction of snails, or other unwanted invertebrates & free-living nematodes.

Using a background behind the aquarium serves to the beauty of the tank as well as to create the darker areas preferred by shy species of fish. It will cover up the unwanted look of hanging wires & filters etc. so the look you are trying to achieve will be more natural & beautiful.